The Northside Minor Basketball Association Inc., is non-profit association geared toward proving the fundamentals of basketball toward youth in the Greater Fredericton Area.

We have had numerous sponsors and players play and learn in our NMBA system and the association is certainly thankful for all of the opportunities it has created since inception.

Sponsors allow for new equipment purchases, team jerseys and apparel and numerous other helping hands' ways as the NMBA continues to move forward.

Please visit our sponsors listed below and scroll down to find alumni members who have played for the NMBA over the years.

We hope to see your name as a sponsor or player soon.

 Many thanks to Philson Ltd., located in New Maryland, for their generosity with sponsorship to the NMBA bantam girls' D1 team in preparation for Eastern Canadians.

 The Delta Fredericton is a proud supporter of the NMBA. Please visit them at https://www.deltahotels.com/Hotels/Delta-Fredericton

Boston Pizza has joined the NMBA's sponsorship ranks, helping out with our annual bantam girls' tournament.

 Animal Essentials is located at the Nashwaak Plaza (Superstore) on the Northside of Fredericton. Visit www.animalessentials.biz or follow them on Twitter @aepets2

The NMBA would like to thank The Pita Pit for its kind association donation. Enjoy a pita break between games or during tournaments in Fredericton! Visit www.pitapit.ca Thank you again.

 Bird-Stairs has been a longtime and outstanding support of the NMBA. The company is a throwback to service and community involvement. It's with sponsors like Bird-Stairs that the NMBA is able to operate each year.

Thank you the provincial dairy farmers and Dairy Farmers of Canada for gracious donations to NMBA programs with chocolate milk. please visit www.upyourgame.ca for further information.

 The NMBA would like to thank Noel Eustace and Instant Imprints for their work on shirts for the midget Lions boys' team. Instant Imprints is located at 530 Brookside Dr., on the Northside. You can visit them on-line at www.store7001.instantimprints.ca or call 449-0750.

 The Northside Minor Basketball Association wishes to thank RBC for its generous community athletic support for the local basketball program. The grant awarded to the NMBA helps the association immeasurably in its endeavour to continuing support to allow children to play basketball. View www.rbc.com

 The NMBA is proud to connect itself to KidSport, allowing children and families facing financial obstacles the opportunity to play. This is the first year the NMBA and KidSport have joined forces. Visit www.sportnb.com for further information on the program.

 Taylor Printing Group, located at 225 Alison Blvd. in Fredericton, printed a number of tournament programs and banners for various NMBA teams. Visit www.tpgi.ca

The following is a beginning list of players, coaches and executive members of the Northside Minor Basketball Association since its inception.

Please note some records are incomplete, but the project continues with your input. If you have additions or deletions to the teams presented below, please send any adjustments to nmbageneral@live.com


Mini Girls

MacKenzie Chase, Sydney Campbell, Reegan Kerr, Laura Stafford, Nicole Stafford, Jerica Scribner, Madalynn Kean, Kathryn Oulton, Katy Foord, Jayde Nolais, Alyssa Sprague. Head coach: Mali Coulombe. Assistant Coach: Erin Keoughan.

Mini Boys

Aiden Dorey, Wes O'Donell, Jaron Killam, Zach Whalen, Michael Surur, Daniel Agnew,David Mussa, Brennon Legacy, Brennan Dunphy, Nicholas Mehta, Devin Arsenault. Coaches: Josh Whalen/Nathan Scott.

Bantam Division 1 Girls*

Kali Wilson, Torrie Janes, Lucy Beaumont, Jaiden Penney, Erin Cunningham, Erin O'Shaughnessy, Maegan Burtt, Lauren Casey, Chantelle Austin, Abby Cartwright, Katie Morehouse. Head Coach: Ryan Chase. Assistant Coach: Brad Janes.

Bantam B Girls

Brianna Sinclair, Megan Kincaid, Kate Windle, Regan Varenholt, Emma Dewar, Veronika Shakotko, Emma Rickard, Mikayla Hand, Karley Duguay, Malayla Deleavey. Head coach: Luc Bergeron.

Bantam Division 1 Boys

Edmond Surur, Thomas Hoyt, Scott Perry, Garrett Windle, Spencer Harpelle, Micah Williams, Matt Lafleur, Mathieu Paradis, Isaiah Phillips, Declan McKillop. Head coach: Scott Williams. Assistant Coach: John Hickey.2012-13

Mini Girls

Kate Windle, Sydney Campbell, Lucy Beaumont, Jaiden Penney, Erin Cunningham, Erin O’Shaughnessy, Emma Dewar, Grayson Miller, Katie Morehouse, Abby Cartwright, Mikayla Hand, Kali Wilson, Torrie Janes. Head coach: Mali Coulombe. Associate coach: Ben Teasdale

Bantam Girls

Alexa Fraser, Lauren Casey, Ashley Goodspeed, Sylvia Simms, Samantha Brown. Maegan Burtt, Morgan Keetch, Jillian Norman, Molly Agar, Susanna Rich, Kayla Boyle, Gabrielle McNay. Head coach: Luc Bergeron. Assistant coach: Graham Rich

Mini Boys

Jack Smith, Luke Faulkner, Carson Dorcas, Declan McKillop, Kieran Hyland, Ryan Vanderstine, Isaiah Phillips, Jackson Wilson, Mathieu Paradis, Zachary Ferguson. Head coach: Denis Theriault. Associate coach: Josh Phillips.


Mini Girls

Kate Windle, Sydney Campbell, Abigail Cartwright, Erin O'Shaunnessy, Erin Cunningham, Jaiden Penney, Courtney Thompson, Maegan Burtt, Grace McArthur, Amanda McLaughlin, Lucy Beaumont, Kali Wilson. Head coach: Mali Coulombe.

Bantam A Lions

Megan McKeown, Megan Christie, Klaryssa Hawkins, Melanie Richard, Taylor Forsythe, Alexis Sacobie, Ashley Ketch, Taylor Foreman, Alysia Dutcher, Aneria Hasson. Head coach: Kyle Woolaver. Assistant coach: Mick Gardiner.

Bantam B Lions*

Teigen Rook, Kennedy McCoy, Abby Wilson, Kenzie Janes, Logan Rook, Kathleen Jones, Hannah Chase, Morgan Beers, Molly Agar, Emily Burtt, Kayla Boyle. Head coach: Jackie Kerr. Assistant coaches: Wendy Rook, Shelley Janes.

Midget B Girls

Taylor Williams, Ashten Andersen, Brooke Billings,Taylor Forsythe, Kennedy McCoy, Kenzie Janes, Julia Sanders, Nadya Morgan, Lauren MacKenzie, Olivia Seymour, Sarah Blackmore, Keara Lavigne. Head coach: Ryan Chase. Assistant coach: Scott Williams

NMBA Mini Boys*

Thomas Hoyt, Edmund Surur, Jordan MacDonald, Davis Embleton, Jackson Wilson, Declan McKillop, Garrett Windle, Isaiah Phillips, Spencer Harpelle, Adam Craig, Ethan Stairs, Joel Walker, Matt Lafleur. Coaches: Lee Hoyt, Patrick Windle.

Bantam A Boys

Michael Leonard, Colby Poore, Tyrel Poore, Nick Hoyt, Nick Steeves, Tim Rose, Liam Walker, Seldon Potter, Matt Allen, Draydon Scott, Josh Melanson
Jordan Melanson, Ryan Hornibrook.
Head coach: Ryan Chase


NMBA Bantam A Lions

Ashton Anderson, Maggie Birney, Hailey Burlock, Alysia Dutcher, Maggie MacPherson, Kristen Morehouse, Taylor McCarty, Taylor McGrattan, Kelsey Simon, Kelly Stewart. Coaches: Kyle Woodworth, John McGrattan.

NMBA Bantam B Lions

Hannah Chase, Meaghan Christie, Meaghan Clarke, Taylor Foreman, Taylor Forsythe, Brittney LeBlanc, Megan LeBlanc, Megan McKeown, Anica Paul, Ashley Tucker. Coaches: Barb Brittany; Jane McKeown, Samantha Brittany.

*NMBA Bantam C Lions

Klaryssa Hawkins, Isabelle Hobson, Kenzie Janes, Brooke McLaughlin, Melanie Richard, Logan Rook, Alexis Sacobie, Katie Shaw, Cassidy Therrien, Taylor Williams. Coaches: Jackie Kerr, Brad Janes, Shelley Janes

Bantam Boys

Brett Brittany, Corey Eustace, Griffin Higgins, Ryan Hornibrook, Nicholas Hoyt, Michael Leonard, Josh Melanson, Colby Poore, Dustin Smith, Liam Walker. Coach: Ryan Chase

Mini Boys

Nicholas Duncan, Peyton Hoyt, Thomas Hoyt, Matt Lafleur, Maurier McLaughlin, Jordan Melanson, Isiah Phillips, Seldon Potter, Jacob Rice, Thomas Sheppard, Hunter Sturgeon, Joel Walker, Garrett Windle

Midget B Girls

Markee Carten, Kathleen Elliott, Shae Lynn Hanson, Riley Hoyt, Abby MacDonald, Lauren MacKenzie, Alison Patterson, Savanna Potter, Julia Sanders, Brooke Tucker, Shannon Yazdani. Coaches: Shannon MacCormack, Jerome MacDonald


NMBA Bantam A

Emma Billings, Emma Blizzard, Nicole Cherron, Emma Cory, Briar Lapoint, Dara Macpherson, Maggie McCarthy, Julie McFawn,Meghan Oxford, Shelby Shanks, Katie Stewart, Molly Willis. Coach Donnie McPhee, Alex Brown, Jennifer Haley



Sarah Ripley, Emma Blizzard, Allison Keane, Haley Johnson, Taylor McGrattan, Kelsey Simond, Kristen Morehouse, Savannah Potter, Brianne Fowler, Lauren Hallihan. Coach: Mali Coulombe.

Bantam B

Maggie Birney, Haley Burlock, Kathleen Elliott, Isabelle Hobson, Riley Hoyt, Lauren MacKenzie, Maggie MacPherson, Taylor McCarty, Alison Patterson, Kelly Stewart, Brooke Tucker. Coach: Kyle Woodworth.

2008-09 Bantam A

Nicole Lafleur, Ellen Woodworth, Tory McCarty, Morgan McGregor, Caitlin Rowe, Morgan Hornibrook, Grace Hicks, Grace Pierve, Nicole Steward, Samantha Brittany. Coaches: Barb Brittany, Paul Hornibrook, Thane McCarty.

Bantam B

Katie Stewart, Dara MacPherson, Molly Willis, Shelby Shanks, Maggie McCarthy, Emma Billings, Emma Cory, Meghan Oxford, Julie McFawn, Nicole Cherron, Alisha Chase, Rebecca Morrison. Coach: Donnie McPhee.



President: John Hickey

Vice President: Scott Williams

Secretary: Vicky Patterson

Treasurer: John McGrattan

Board Members: Ryan Chase, Phil Wilson, Shelley Foreman, Shelley Janes, Natasha Bozek. Past President: Brad Janes.


President: Brad Janes

Vice President: John Hickey

Secretary: Vicky Patterson

Treasurer: John McGrattan

Board Members: Charlene Woolaver, Scott Williams, Ryan Chase, Phil Wilson, Shelley Foreman.


President: Brad Janes

Vice President: John McGrattan

Treasurer: Charlene Woolaver

Secretary: Vicky Patterson

Board Members: Donnie McPhee, Guy Rook, Paul McLaughlin, John Hickey, Ryan Chase.

Past President: Andrew Rowe.


President: Dan Keenan

Vice President: Andrew Rowe

Secretary: Jeanne McIsaac

Treasurer: Charlene Woolaver

Board Members: John McGrattan, Brad Janes, Donnie McPhee, Greg MacPherson, Paul McLaughlin.

2008-09; 2009-10

President: Dan Keenan

Vice President: Bronwyn Davies

Secretary: Jeanne McIsaac

Treasurer: Charlene Woolaver

Board Members: Greg MacPherson, John Hickey, Donnie McPhee, Barb Brittany, Shane Hoyt, Susan MacKenzie, Andrew Rowe.

* - Denotes BNB Champions