NMBA Programs

 The Northside Minor Basketball Inc., is a multi-faceted grassroots organization based in Fredericton, N.B.

 The entire design of the NMBA revolves around allowing children and families the opportunity to learn the game of basketball in a fun and creative away from Grade 1 to 5 in our Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program (see below) and, if the children have reached a competitive level of play and understanding, they are eligible to compete for travelling and competitive teams.

 What's the difference, you ask?



 The NMBA believes in developing fundamentals for its membership players.

 If your child has not played basketball, but has indicated an interest, the NMBA offers the incredibly successful and popular Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program.

 The program, named after Canadian basketball great Steve Nash of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, is the perfect program for learn-to-play. The NMBA wants children to have fun and work through drills that are all designed to improve skillsets. Maybe it's running around the gymnasium with a newspaper on their chest, designed to keep them moving or having a game of tag while holding an object to teach coordination.

 Putting children on the court as early as five to play in five-on-five action is not what the NMBA is about.

 It believes through the Steve Nash program the chance to build skillsets, work on dribbling properly, passing and receiving, footwork, shooting form and understanding teamwork and having fun is more important that keeping score, who had the most points or assists.

 We want basketball participation numbers to increase. Too many children do not benefit from game situations at a young age and may be intimidated by older children or by their own game.

 After a year in the Steve Nash program, the skill level will increase, leading to more confidence and more fun when it comes to playing.

 After learning fundamentals and seeking a competitive challenge, the representative teams are waiting.



 The NMBA offers mini boys and girls (Grade 4 to 6) programs for those being introduced to the Basketball New Brunswick development play. All Mini Lions teams play various teams from across the province and may travel outside of New Brunswick for exhibition games. They will play at least two or more tournaments and also participate in BNB championship weekend tournaments.


 Bantam boys and girls are the final step for many before going into high schoo careers at this level for Grade 7-8 players. It is also at the bantam level where the players can develop into potential BNB elite players, but for the majority it's an opportunity to play and continue developing their skills.

 Each mini and bantam team plays approximately 18 to 30 games and attends two to four tournaments a season which may include one overnight stay.


 The season runs with a skills and drills in September or October to allow children the chance to get back into the school swing of things and play other sports such as soccer before focusing on basketball.

 The tryouts for NMBA competitive teams - there is never a tryout fee for Lion hopefuls! - is in mid-October.

 All NMBA teams usually practice twice a week at various gymnasiums in the City of Fredericton. The city allots times and gymnasiums for the NMBA and teams select practice nights and times in October.

 The NMBA also breaks for middle schools season from January to February to allow its players to represent their schools.

 The registration fee for the past three years has been $325 for an entire season which culminates in late March with Basketball New Brunswick divisional championships.

 Travel expenses such as gasoline, food and hotel are the responsibility of each family.

 All jerseys are supplied by the NMBA.


 The NMBA will offer skills and drills in September and days are expected to be held between Monday and Thursday, usually with 75 minute segments for both genders.

 Schedules for the Steve Nash Youth Basketball program or the competitive teams will not be released until early October. The NMBA awaits confirmation from the City of Fredericton for finalizing practice times. Some Steve Nash programs are once a week and competitive teams usually practice twice a week.

 All competitive teams do not have a set schedule. Essentially the competitive season is an exhibition journey with coaches scheduling games as far in advance as they can. Some games can happen the week before, but most are played on weekend dates at home or on the road.


 The NMBA is always seeking volunteers for helping with Nash programs or scorekeeping and other duties involved with the day-to-day operation of programs.

Steve Nash Youth Basketball is Canada's national youth basketball initiative designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game for basketball.

The Northside Minor Basketball Association is preparing for its third year of inclusion of the Nash program for 2014-15.

This grassroots program will support and empower minor associations, schools and local service clubs across New Brunswick in an effort to positively influence youth through basketball.

The goal of the program is to allow participants the opportunity to maximize their potential, while promoting the importance of youth basketball as a vehicle to build character, discipline and self-esteem.

The model for Steve Nash Youth Basketball was established after extensive research of existing community basketball programs from across North America and follows the guidelines of Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).